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Looking to explore the serene beauty of Lake Macquarie? There’s no better way than through our simple and easy kayak hire packages in Lake Macquarie. Simply visit us, hire the kayak, and embark on an adventure that will deliver everything you could want from a day on the water.

Let’s create unique and unforgettable memories together!


No Licence Required


Skipper Available

Want us to drive for you!

Best price guarantee


Hire any time

Long term hire available

90 min from Sydney

3 x bigger than Sydney Harbour


You don’t just hire from us, you get a Awaba experience!

Kayaking on Lake Macquarie

Situated just 90 minutes from Sydney, Lake Macquarie is not just the largest saltwater lake in the southern hemisphere, but a treasure trove of adventures waiting to be discovered. With our kayak hire service, you can explore Lake Macquarie at your own pace, marvel at the stunning panoramic views, swim in pristine waters, and relax on secluded sand islands.

Whether you’re a resident of Swansea, Toronto, or from the heart of Sydney, the Central Coast region’s biggest appeal – Lake Macquarie – is set to captivate you.

The beauty of navigating Lake Macquarie in a kayak is the tranquillity. You can paddle upstream, discover hidden coves, or drift along basking in the sun. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you can even cast a line and reel in a great catch. Indeed, our kayaks expand your possibilities on the magnificent Lake Macquarie.


Skippered Boat Tours & Charters

Book a seat or the whole boat for a unique skippered boat Tour or Charter experience to enjoy Lake Macquarie!

Hire & Drive a Boat Yourself

Hire and drive any of our boats with or without a boat licence today*

Fishing Rod Hire

Don’t speed $$$ on fishing gear. Hire our top quality rigs for the lake or off shore.

Paddleboard Hire

Grab a paddle board with your boat hire and explore the shore line. Don’t be limited to just one area.

Kayak Hire

Hire kayak and explore the lake at your own pace.

Simple Kayak Hire Process

We strive to make your kayak-hiring experience as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. Simply select your preferred kayak, set your pick-up and return dates, and you’re all set to take on Lake Macquarie! We ensure that all the equipment you need is included in your hire and our team is always on hand to guide you.

Pick-up and drop-off of the kayaks are at our location at Bath St, Toronto, NSW.

Hire A Boat

Why Choose Awaba Boat Hire for Kayak Hire in Lake Macquarie?

  • Quality Equipment: All our kayaks are new, ensuring you experience the best.
  • No Licence Required: Anyone can hire our kayaks, hassle-free.
  • Skippers Available: If you’re unfamiliar with the area, we have guided tours.
  • Best Price Guarantee: We’ll match any better rate you find.
  • Pet-friendly Options: Bring along your furry friends for an adventure.
  • Easy Online Booking System: Fast and efficient kayak hire reservations.
  • Proximity to Newcastle, Central Coast, and Sydney: We’re located in a convenient spot, making your kayak hire processes easier and quicker.
  • Unforgettable Memories: More than just a hire service, we offer an immersive Lake Macquarie experience.

Ready to start your Lake Macquarie adventure with our kayak hire services? Reach out to us now at 0491983905. Experience the beauty and thrill of Lake Macquarie like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kayak Hire Lake Macquarie

Where can I hire a kayak in Lake Macquarie?

You can hire a kayak in Lake Macquarie from Awaba Boat Hire. We provide premium kayak hire services and all the necessary equipment for a great day on the water.

What is unique about your kayak hire service in Lake Macquarie?

In addition to offering quality equipment and hassle-free hiring, Awaba Boat Hire aims to provide more than just a service, we provide an immersive Lake Macquarie experience, aiding you to create unforgettable memories on the water.

What safety measures should I take while using a hired kayak at Lake Macquarie?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, always ensure safety by wearing a lifejacket, carrying a whistle, and having a water-tight container for your valuables. Be mindful of the paddle direction, currents, and wind conditions, and stick to the designated kayaking areas.

Can I bring my pet with me while hiring a kayak at Lake Macquarie?

Yes, At Awaba Boat Hire, we offer pet-friendly options. You’re welcome to bring your furry friends along for an adventure. However, we advise you to maintain all safety protocols for the well-being of your pet.

What is there to see and do on a kayak around Lake Macquarie?

Lake Macquarie offers a variety of adventures. You can explore waterways, discover hidden coves, and admire the tranquil beauty of the largest saltwater lake in the southern hemisphere from your kayak.

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