Boat Hire Lake Macquarie

Whether you want to hit the water with family and friends or join a skippered tour, we are proud to be the go-to source for boat hire services in Lake Macquarie. Our goal is to provide everything needed to enjoy all that this beautiful lake has to offer.

From fishing boats to lake boats, SUPs and more, we have vessels to support a range of fantastic activities. It’s time to create unique and unforgettable memories on Lake Macquarie. You don’t just hire from us, you get a one-of-one Awaba experience.


No Licence Required


Skipper Available

Want us to drive for you!

Best price guarantee


Hire any time

Long term hire available

90 min from Sydney

3 x bigger than Sydney Harbour


You don’t just hire from us, you get a Awaba experience!

Reasons We Recommend Boat Hire in Lake Macquarie

There is so much to do on Lake Macquarie! Whether you’re just taking it easy or planning a jam packed day of fun, you’ll never run short of ideas. Here are some of our recommendations!

  • Hire a boat and explore the largest saltwater lake in the southern hemisphere.
  • Go Fishing of course, with schools of kingsfish a regular attraction.
  • Kayak or paddle board up the rivers and creeks
  • Spend time at the waterfront pools and eateries.
  • Swim, play and picnic on the sand islands
  • Take the dog swimming
  • Water ski
  • Sailing

As you can see, the possibilities are endless! So, don’t miss your chance and contact us now to organise your personal boat hire on Lake Macquarie.


Skippered Boat Tours & Charters

Book a seat or the whole boat for a unique skippered boat Tour or Charter experience to enjoy Lake Macquarie!

Hire & Drive a Boat Yourself

Hire and drive any of our boats with or without a boat licence today*

Fishing Rod Hire

Don’t speed $$$ on fishing gear. Hire our top quality rigs for the lake or off shore.

Paddleboard Hire

Grab a paddle board with your boat hire and explore the shore line. Don’t be limited to just one area.

Kayak Hire

Hire kayak and explore the lake at your own pace.

Fishing Boat Hire in Lake Macquarie - Simple and Easy

Sometimes, nothing beats a day of fishing with family and friends. As the leading boat hire company in Lake Macquarie, we see this everyday. WIth a range of vessels and flexible availability, we have fishing boats that are suitable for almost anyone!

Simply submit a pickup and return date, then check our availability and finalise the rental period. Our meeting point is located at Bath St, Toronto, NSW.

Hire A Boat

Boat Hire in Lake Macquarie - No Licence Required

Awaba Boat Hire prides itself on setting barriers low and keeping the fun factor high. This is why we offer services that necessitate no boat licence. For novice boaters or those without a boat licence, we provide skippers who are ready to guide you and ensure a safe yet fun boat ride. But fear not, your speed cravings are also covered. If you wish for a more vigorous experience, our boats are not speed-limited and can reach over 30 knots.

Why Choose Us for Boat Hire in Lake Macquarie?

When it comes to boat hire in Lake Macquarie, Awaba is a name you can trust. Here are some reasons why:

  1. No Boat Licence Required: Accessibility for everyone
  2. Brand New Fleet: Modern and quality-assured boats
  3. Trained Skippers: For a safe and relaxing boat ride
  4. Competitive Prices: Best price guarantee with a price matching offer
  5. Ideal Location: Just 90 minutes from Sydney and an impressive size, three times bigger than Sydney Harbour

We are just a phone call away at 0491 983 905 to get you on deck!

Frequently Asked Questions About Boat Hire in Lake Macquarie

What kind of boats can I hire at Lake Macquarie?

At Awaba Boat Hire, we have a comprehensive range of boats suitable for all adventures including fishing trips, family adventures, and paddling. You can also rent modern equipment like paddle boards and kayaks.

How can I hire a fishing boat for an adventure in Lake Macquarie?

Our fishing boat hire in Lake Macquarie service offers well-maintained and reliable fishing boats. You can rent a boat for several hours or even for multiple days. Simply check our availability and confirm your rental period.

I don't have a boat licence, can I still hire a boat at Lake Macquarie?

Yes, you can. Awaba Boat Hire in Lake Macquarie provides an uncomplicated boat hiring process with no boat licence required. For those without a boat licence, we provide trained skippers to ensure a safe and fun boat ride.

Why should I choose Awaba for boat hire at Lake Macquarie?

Awaba Boat Hire is a trusted name for boat hire in Lake Macquarie due to our competitive prices, a brand new fleet of quality-assured boats, trained skippers, and convenient location. In addition, no boat licence is required, and our boats have no speed limit.

Can I hire a boat spontaneously for a day at Lake Mac?

Absolutely, with Awaba Boat Hire, hiring a boat in Lake Macquarie is straightforward even if it’s a spontaneous decision. Simply select your preferred pick-up and return dates, check our availability, and confirm your rental period.

Fill out the form below or call 0491983905 for questions.

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